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Our PRDC motto is "We're moving forward - Join us." Never has that phrase been more applicable than now.

Although the giant wheels of gov't have seemed to be spinning or simply, stuck in the mud of murky politics, something quite momentous has happened to free those wheels and send them in the direction which, like "The arc of the moral universe, bends toward justice."

The midterm election has seen a resurgence of all we, as Democrats and as Americans hold dear; decency, moral integrity, civility, and once again "The Audacity of Hope." 

Now at this moment, all over the country, the consciousness of America has risen to the occasion and will prevail. We, at the grass roots, here, in our own Democratic Club of Paso Robles have played our own small part in that and see our work cut out for us to keep the momentum going. 

It is for this reason that we are making a concerted effort to enlarge our membership, to encourage those who have felt deeply the urge to "Do Something!" to make their voices heard. And heard they will be, for we plan with their (new members') help and yours, to join forces more closely with other activist groups and make a lot of noise! 


We urge you to get involved, spread the word, bring guests to meetings, recruit new members, volunteer and participate in adding to the Leadership of the Club. The coming election in January needs your input. Nominate someone for a position on the Board or run yourself. If you've ever said, "I really want to DO SOMETHING!" Here is your chance.  

At our November 14th meeting, we urged our members to consider running for an office on our Executive Board. This upcoming year is really critical to the future of our country, and we want to be ready to help people of North County to make informed votes. There's lots to do and we need help. If you have knowledge, experience, or just a lot of interest, that will be beneficial to us, please give it some thought. You can volunteer or nominate someone by e-mail or phone at our website, or by responding to this e-mail. We hope to have a slate of candidates by January 8, the day of our next Executive Board meeting, where you can tell us about your interests and what you can "bring to the party"! Then we'll all vote at the January general meeting. As member Patti says, if you ever wanted to do something for your country, now is the time!  The following are the positions on the Board:

President - OPEN
Executive Vice President - Incumbent Richard Zamora seeking re-election
Vice President/Programs - incumbent Derinda Gates seeking re-election
Recording Secretary - Donna Esperon seeking re-election
Parliamentarian - OPEN

Directors of Standing Committees ( have a vote on the Executive Board):
-Community Watch
-Community Outreach