About us

President                  Barbara Wisehart

Vice-President        Michael Seden-Hansen

Treasurer                  Larry Schiffer

Secretary                  Cheyanne Holliday

Community Watch  Sandy Mathias

Community Action  Martha Jimenez

Club objectives

Bring Democrats together to discuss issues and objectives related to Democratic ideals

Contribute to the continual improvement of the Club and the Democratic Party through increased leadership & participation


Inform and educate the voters of the community


Perpetuate and protect the ideals and principles of the United States Constitution and the Democratic Party

Urge qualified Democrats to serve as leaders in the community and support that participation at all levels of Democratic Party activity

Assist Democratic candidates


Act as an informed local source of information concerning Democratic policies and candidates, voter registration, and ballot issues


Encourage membership of individuals without regard to
sex, age, race, religion, color, sexual preference, culture or family background


Club policy

Endorse and support local candidates as members deem worthy

Support nominees of the Democratic Party following the state primary

Encourage and seek involvement through delegations to party conventions